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Blockchain Infrastructure Company.

Blockchain Infrastructure Company, focused on providing information and tools to Web3 Dapps

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NBIC is a blockchain infrastructure Token

It is focussed on providing information and tools to "consumers" (customers paying for services). We will become the single point of validated information on the blockchain



NBIC is a token created by Blockchain Infrastructure Company. As a utility token, it forms the backbone of the Blockchain Infrastructure ecosystem. A maximum of 5.77 billion NBIC tokens will be minted. 

The NBIC tokens involve our community in helping us build out blockchain infrastructure and reward them for contributing to our success and staying true to the ethos of Blockchain and decentralised tech. NBIC Token helps create wealth for the masses from the start, unlike yesteryears when retail investors had the chance to participate in only IPO/secondary markets.


Data Privacy standards




Risk management


Regulatory Compliance

NBIC will provide infrastructural services primarily focused on BFSI sector. Dapps will include infrastructure to create derivatives, collateralize and sell portfolios, Credit scoring, Credit Management, P2P Borrowing and Lending, Framing/executing digital contracts, Pricing data on commodities/stocks, and other tradeable assets.

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Infrastructure on the blockchain is yet to become mainstream. Multiple players have launched

products (successfully), but it is our estimate that given the plethora of real world data sources, and action possibilities, we have only scratched the surface. Global trade volume is currently at 19 Trillion dollars. Pricing information on the Blockchain is primarily restricted to Crypto currencies and country specific stocks.

Adoption of Crypto/blockchain applications is restricted. We wish to expand the scope to which BC applications can be applied. We wish to create a single point of all real world trade/credit and other market information, along with DAPPS that allow you to create financial instruments based on the information.

Digital Credentials on Blockchain

Diplomas, certificates, badges 
and micro-credentials

We are proud to introduce a new service for managing transcripts and scores through a digital platform: Blockchain. 

Blockchain is the future of maintaining and managing transcripts and high security data in education. We will also be pioneering the use of blockchain for the maintenance of “Next Generation of School ICT Environment”

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Get NBIC Token

The NBIC Token and Dapps will be based on the polygon blockchain

₹ 1.00



current price (NBIC/USDC)


Get NBIC Token

Trading starts from Oct 24 2022

The true force of Crypto is Community. Join and engage with us and many other crypto enthusiasts with our massive online community on various social media platform and be the first one to get all the updates.

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Available in Uniswap

Uniswap is the largest decentralised exchange

by trading volume. The platform is also a

giant in the DeFi space.

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